Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Each of our committee roles has a distinct set of responsibilities


      • Is responsible for the effective functioning of the committee, to give clear leadership and direction keeping it focussed on its core functions.
      • During committee meetings, Shall decide on every point of order
      • In the cases of equality of votes, shall have a second or casting vote
      • Will present a report on the Region’s activities since the previous AGM


      • The regional secretary shall within 10 days of SWBMXA meeting, send a written report to all attendees and clubs, the SWBMXA website and British Cycling
      • Inform club secretaries of race dates and subsequent race date changes
      • Document the series regulations and publish
      • Administer riders registering for the British Championships
      • Set a date for British Championships dispensation requests


      • The Treasurer will produce accounts of the Region for the latest financial year audited as the Committee shall decide
      • Set budget and document the distribution of funds
      • Purchase administration equipment as required
      • Operate the banking procedure for race fee income
      • Ensure all cheque payments are countersigned

Vice Chairperson

      • Will support the Chairperson and take their place when absent or unavailable at any meetings or any business to be carried out

Race Organiser

      • Has overall responsibility for organisation of the regional series
      • With committee agree dates, budget, format and delivery of all events
      • Register and setup events with British Cycling
      • Organise appropriate First Aid
      • Contact and communicate with all team members
      • Manage entries and communicate with riders
      • Organise equipment and signage
      • Complete administration of forms, arrange payment of levies

Commissaire Co-ordinator

      • Arrange suitable commissaires for all regionals
      • Oversee the recruitment of new commissaires
      • Ensure CPD & training for existing commissaires
      • Ensure that a Chief Commissaire is selected for all regional events

Regional Coach

      • Is responsible for the effective functioning of coaching throughout the region
      • To establish a regional coaching plan to improve the number of coaches throughout the region and their continued professional development
      • To organise Cluster Sessions, Development Centres and RSR sessions within the region
      • Where required liaise with riders and their parents on the criteria required to reach and progress within British Cycling’s development pathway


Brits Organiser

      • Organise the Brits parade, working within an agreed budget
      • Arrange the Rider number plates and race shirts
      • Organise the goody bags and oversee the distribution at the Championships

PR / Social Media

      • Oversee all active social media accounts for the region
      • Publish Regional information when required
      • Respond to any requests/queries coming in via these channels

Welfare Officer

      • Liaise with clubs and their own Welfare officers to assist with the safeguarding and protection of all children and young people racing within the SWBMXA
      • Coordinate clubs Welfare Officers to share knowledge and help raise standards across the region
      • Oversee all welfare issues at regional events, ensuring events run as incident free as possible