Regional Coaching and Development

We have an extensive coaching and development program in the South West Region which is integrated with the British Cycling Talent Development Pathway

Cluster Sessions 8-10 yr olds

Our Cluster Sessions are open to younger riders aged 8 to 10 years old. This is a group specifically for younger riders aimed at getting them ready for the Development Centre (DC) sessions which start from 11 years old. Both boys and girls train together at these sessions to allow everyone to develop and help one another.
The Cluster Sessions are designed by our head coach in order to help riders to improve areas of their racing which could help them in the future, including riding techniques and race tactics. These sessions also integrate into the more advanced Development Center sessions for more experienced riders.

Development Centers 11-16 yr olds

Development Centres are a perfect opportunity for riders to start their journey on the British Cycling Talent Development Pathway. The sessions run monthly across the region at different tracks.

These sessions will be led by our Regional Head Coach Ryan Stack & assisted by coaches from the clubs. This will also give those coaches opportunities to develop their own club sessions. Coming to these sessions can give you the potential opportunity to progress further along the pathway to the Regional School of Racing if the selection criteria is met.

Both boys and girls will be together at these sessions to allow everyone to develop and help each other.


Regional School of Racing

Riders who perform well and show promise at their club, in/at regional competition and attend Development Centres can be nominated by their club for a Regional School of Racing.

During an RSR, riders will be coached and educated as part of a select group of riders from their region, Regional Schools of Racing will bring multiple regions together for discipline-specific activity.  This will help prepare for the next stage, but also for regional and national competitions.

Riders are typically aged 13-15, nominations are given to talent development coaches by clubs yearly or when clubs feel riders are ready. Attendees are reconsidered for every RSR so don’t worry if you miss out.